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The goal of the Landscape Committee is to work towards increased property values in the community by educating and encouraging homeowners in the neighborhood to keep their properties well maintained. This is done through articles in the newsletter and on the website, and through the “Yard of the Month” program. This committee is to be the “eyes of the community” for landscape or irrigation problems that require emergency attention.

The responsibilities of this committee include:
  • Notifying the Management Company through their emergency pager system of any maintenance needs such as irrigation zones that are stuck on, or other emergency-type repairs that require immediate attention after hours.
  • Notifying the Management Company of additional sprinkler repairs (leaking valves, broken sprinkler heads, etc.) on Common Properties and of landscaping needs in the community.
  • Make recommendations to the board and Management Company for seasonal flower changes.
  • Report committee activity and upcoming events to the Communications Committee in a timely manner.
  • Implement a “Yard of the Month” and seasonal holiday decorations contest (includes monthly judging for the contest)
  • Submit a newsletter article each quarter to the Communication Committee
  • Report activities to, and work at the direction of, the HOA Board of Directors
  • This committee has the following limitations:
  • There is to be no interfacing with the Landscape Contractor Personnel/Staff – this is to be done through the Management Company only.
  • The Landscape committee cannot assume or authorize any cost, or make any changes to the landscape on behalf of the Association.  The committee serves as an advisory group only. All suggestions should be directed to the Association manager.

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