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Qualifications & Code of Ethics
Committees are the backbone of a neighborhood association.  They help to ensure the smooth operation of the day-to-day obligations required in the governing documents.  Committees must communicate effectively with one another and with the Management Company. 

Committee members must be members of the association in good standing. (All assessments should be paid and they should have no CC&R violations.)  The purpose of a committee is to provide valuable contributions for the overall good of the community which it serves.  In order to promote high standards of practice, members of committees will be expected to adhere to these codes:

  1. Respect – committee members will value and welcome the input of all members.
  2. Equality – all committee members shall be given equal credence for their views, opinions and general input.
  3. Trust – members will provide input without any reservation that it will be unreasonably criticized.
  4. Conflict of Interest – members shall voluntarily take part in committee activities for no reason of personal or business gain, rather the general betterment of their community.
  5. Dependability – members will make reasonable efforts to attend all committee meetings.  Members will carry out their assignments within the time frames agreed to by all.