Safety Committee

To contact the safety committee please email Safety Committee "Click Here ".
The goals of the Safety Committee are to enhance safety awareness in the community and to take a leadership role in working with local law enforcement.  This committee is responsible for organizing and maintaining a crime-prevention network of block captains for every street in the neighborhood so that residents may watch out for one another.  Members of this group should investigate the latest ideas and trends in both property crimes and crimes against persons, and determine the most effective ways to prevent those types of crimes in the community. 

  The functions or responsibilities of the Safety Committee include:

  • Work with the local police department to establish a crime watch or similar program
  • Establish block captains
  • Communicate other safety needs/precautions/recommendations to the neighborhood via the newsletter, website, or other board approved medium
  • Work with the city as needed to implement traffic improvements such as stop signs; speed limit signs, enforcement, or speed reduction; cross walks; school zones, etc.
  • Coordinate National Night Out
  • Coordinate attendance of Police Department representative for annual meeting to discuss and educate homeowners about Crime Watch
  • Coordinate with Social Committee to have safety related activities at social events, such as a fire truck visit, fingerprinting, bicycle safety, etc.
  • Submit a newsletter article each quarter to the Communications Committee
  • Report activities to and work at the direction of the Board of Directors

  This group may not assume or authorize any costs without the approval of the Association Manager.  Committee members are to work and follow the guidelines set forth by the Neighborhood Watch Program.  Members are not to assume the role of the local law enforcement authorities. The Safety Committee is in need of members.  You may learn more about Frisco Neighborhood Watch by visiting the local web-site at If you are interested and willing to help implement a Neighborhood Watch program in Northridge, please email Safety Committee "Click Here".

The Safety Committee was responsible for the formation of our Neighborhood Watch program in 2007, and had the signs posted at the subdivision entrances. 

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