Communications Committee

To contact the communications committee please email Communications Committee "Click Here". The goal of the Communications Committee is to keep the entire community informed of important community events as well as city, state, and county items of interest to homeowners. This may be accomplished through the use of a combination of tools including the newsletter, website, email, signs, and posters.

The responsibilities of the group are to:
  • Maintain frequent contact with other committees to report current events
  • Coordinate receiving reports from other committees
  • Generate a newsletter or coordinate submission of articles on a regular basis, to be established by the Board or committee, based on “news-worthiness” and cost restraints.  The final copy of the newsletter must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain a neighborhood directory with information updated and distributed annually.
  • Update homeowners on community information related directly to the neighborhood (road closings, construction, school dates, etc.)
  • Report activities to and work at the direction of the Board of Directors,

All communication should remain within the objectives to create a positive resource for the community.  No expenditures may be made without the prior approval of the association manager.  No advertisements should be placed that will have a negative effect on the community or publication (i.e. sexual content, racially inappropriate, gambling, etc.) 

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, or are interested in serving on the Communications Committee, please email Communications Committee "Click Here".

If you have any opinions or concerns about your HOA please send an email to Feedback "Click Here".