Welcome to our neighborhood...Northridge!
Yes, this is a neighborhood.  Other sub-divisions have community pools.  We have a neighborhood pool. Other communities have community parks; we have a neighborhood park.  Other areas have homeowners; in Northridge we have Neighbors!  Neighbors that do so much for each other and with each other.  Neighbors care.  In Northridge... Neighbors do things with neighbors.  Neighbors do things for neighbors.  Neighbors borrow ladders and tools and sugar.  Neighbors watch each other’s kids.  Neighbors walk the neighborhood picking up nails in front of new construction.  Neighbors cook meals for each other when a new baby is born to lessen the stress on the new moms and dads.  Neighbors walk, talk, laugh, and sometimes cry together.   Neighbors care. If you are looking for a nice home in a wonderful neighborhood, come home to Northridge!  We'll look for you at the next neighborhood party!

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